Your Symaiotic AI Companion

Syma allows you to build complex relationships which form the 'digital DNA' of our hybrid AI solution.
Syma grows through your interactions.


Talk to Syma (Beta)

Syma grows through interaction and connection.
This feature is launching 2018-03-01

Syma + Tools

Syma is an advanced A.I. that lives on your web domain.
It helps you manage your relationships and learns from you.

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A Unique Artificial Intelligence

Your Syma is as unique as you, because it learns from your interactions and environment.

Simple Administration and Deployment

Embed your Syma directly into your website with just a few simple steps.

Mentored AI Learning

Our mentors are here to teach and engage with your Syma, so it learns to manage your domain and speak to your guests.

Built from Relationships

With each interaction, your Syma becomes more intelligent, helpful, and aware.  

Connect with Syma

Syma helps you to connect to people through your web domain. You help Syma learn about the world.

Socialize With Syma

Syma is your A.I. companion. It chats with you like a friend, and is there to help when you need it.

Explore with Syma

Head out into the world. Syma is by your side all the way, learning and helping as you go.

Syma in Action

prototypeD pioneered Syma to allow them to engage with their diverse clients, partners, and team at Bayview Yards.

However, that was just the beginning. We are launching Syma as a global platform to assist all businesses to leverage symaiotic AI concepts and build a digital mind as unique as any individual.


Syma Never Sleeps

Your web domain is so much more than just a .com
It represents your business, your professional life, and your future.  Syma helps you manage this seamlessly so you never miss an opportunity in life.

But wait. What is symaiotics?

We went back to the drawing board on human/computer interaction and developed symaiotics.  Inspired by natural symbiotic relationships, brings you the world's first cross-sentient relationship management interface.


The root of symaiotics lines in the creation of dynamic, complex, and rich relationships.


Syma connects you to the world through A.I.

Let unleash the social side of your web domain.